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Safer Trading is Here!

Access, track, and exchange thousands of crypto currencies all in one place with industry leading safety protocols.

Easy Cross-Chain transactions

48 point safety scanner

Private & Secure

Keep Control

Centralized exchanges are a major risk for your cryptocurrency - when they collapse, your assets are lost forever. That's why it's time to switch to decentralized trading on Dexani and self-custody. With self-custody, you are the only one with access to your crypto, which means you are the only one who can make transactions with it. Trading on Dexani allows you to take advantage of the security and privacy benefits of decentralized trading. Plus, self-custody gives you greater control over your assets. Don't take the risk with centralized exchanges - choose decentralized trading on Dexani and self-custody for greater security and control of your assets.

Your Assets are YOURS no intermediaries

48 point token scanner to keep you safe

Trade across 6 chains seemlessly

Get the best prices

Track and trade your assets in one place

Keep your crypto safe and secure

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Get Started in three Steps


Open the web app

Simple and easy to use


Connect your wallet

Easily view all your assets in one place. Connect multiple wallets for a combined view of your entire portfolio.


Start trading safer

With a 48 point scanner you know you're protected

Track and Trade on Dexani

Key Features

Easy Cross-Chain

Trade seamlessly across multiple blockchains, giving you access to the full range of available assets and the unique benefits of each chain. Cross-chain trading functionality allows you to maximize your trading opportunities and achieve your goals.

Keep your crypto in your wallet

Dexani's wallet tracking feature allows you to manage and optimize your investments with ease. See average prices, PnL, and all transactions in one place.

Stay Safe Against Malicious Tokens

Dexani's 48-point built in token scanner helps protect you from scams and other risks. Keep your trades safe with our advanced scanning technology.

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