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Dexani Development Updates #1

All of us here at Dexani are proud to announce the public release of our web platform with SecurityEngine v1. Our mission is to protect traders from getting scammed, and we believe that the release of SecurityEngine v1 is an important step in achieving that goal.

We’ve spent the past 8 months working tirelessly to build a trading app that helps users stay both informed and protected. To accomplish this, we’ve spent countless hours researching different types of scams and studying the tactics that scammers use. We’ve also talked to a lot of customers and gathered feedback on their own experiences with scams. This information has been invaluable in our development process, as it has allowed us to identify the most common types of scams and build SecurityEngine v1 to help detect them.

Over the past month, our development team has been preparing for the public release of the Dexani web platform. We have been working on identifying and fixing bugs, finalizing mobile designs, improving SecurityEngine v1, and overhauling the user experience. I am proud to say that we have made significant progress in all these areas. We have fixed several bugs that were reported by our early users and we have improved the overall performance of the app. Additionally, we have finalized the mobile web designs and fine tuned SecurityEngine v1’s ability to detect source of risk, this will make it even more effective in preventing our users from unknowingly purchasing scam tokens. Lastly, we have made significant improvements to the UI/UX, making the app more user-friendly and intuitive overall.

In order to keep our community informed about the ongoing development of the dapp, we will be posting monthly development updates on our website. These updates will provide insight into the progress our development team has made over the past month and will offer a glimpse into the exciting new features being added to the dapp. This is crucial as it allows the community to know what’s going on with the dapp, express their opinions and give feedback that will help us continue to improve our ability to protect our users from scams.

The Dexani web platform is now available for trading at! Please check it out and drop your feedback in our telegram.

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